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I am a writer and passionate about stories. In the course of the work I do and have done, I have been privileged to hear the stories people tell about their lives, their journeys, their work and their families. I am a highly skilled listener and interviewer simply because I am  so fascinated by the stories of people’s lives. My quest is to assist people in telling their stories, by whatever means necessary.

Most often, the most direct way to tell the story is through interviews. As Editor and Feature Writer for  a community newspaper, I get to do this a lot, for which I am eternally grateful!

I am also the Author of  two non-fiction books (so far!) both of which are built around a compilation of interviews with folks who have experience and wisdom to share. See Writings and workshops page for more information. My books to date:

 Glad Rags: Cowgirl Boots, Red Panties and a Sweet Dress to Die For…Inspiring Clothes and the Women Who Wear Them
(EWH Press, 2014)


Mad About Mead – Nectar of the Gods

(Llewellyn Worldwide Publishing, 1997) 

Another way to “tell the story” is through rituals associated with rites of passage: birth and baptism/child dedication, weddings/unions, funerals and memorials; significant life markers, like coming of age, moving into maturity, blessing a house or Blessing the Animals. As a state licensed, commissioned, post-denominational minister, I assist individuals and families write services and ceremonies that have meaning to them and their communities. See my page Down to Earth Services to learn more.

Then again, you may need to explore your personal story within the realm of the expressive arts: perhaps words are not enough; perhaps words are too much. Perhaps you have to re-cover or re-create your own personal story. In the words of one observer, “Sometimes, in order to tell the truth, you have to make it up.”

I have extensive experience as an community arts outreach specialist, performing puppeteer, Laughter Yoga certified instructor and also play in a traditional contra dance band. I have used a variety of modalities, including journaling, poetry, therapeutic puppetry, storytelling sandtray  and performance in my work. See highlights on my Fun and Games page.

All these things came together as I created an Individualized Master of Arts program in Transformational Theater and Sacred Drama through the McGregor School of Antioch University MidWest, in Yellow Springs, OH a truly amazing and valuable learning experience.

This webpage and the person behind it is a work in progress and will be updated frequently.

Glad you stopped by; email me with any questions or comments and come back again.