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Got boots, gonna ramble...

‘Glad Rags Project’ is the name of my dedicated Facebook page as well as the umbrella under which speaking engagements, workshops and other related events are listed.

My current speaking topic is…

Exploring the Secret Language of Clothes 

Workshops currently offered include:

‘Advanced Style’ for Seniors

Personal History Through Clothes


… as well as an ongoing Glad Rags Project Meetup

You can see more information about all of these offerings on their dedicated pages.

When I conceived of the book, I was looking for a common ground of experience that just about EVERYBODY could relate to. I was writing about eco-fashion for an online e-zine at the time, The Artists’ Interview – and as I was interviewing people, I discovered that many folks talked about a pair of shoes or a jacket that had literally changed their lives.

I continue to find the relationship of clothing and people amazing to ponder, especially because it is ‘non-verbal’: communication that happens directly, thread to skin. This relationship was considered in a study at Northwestern University by Prof. Adam D. Galinsky. Writing in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, he concluded: “We ‘think’ not just with our brains but [also] with our bodies.”

How amazing is THAT??

Writing the book was only the beginning, the tip of the iceberg. It whetted my appetite! And so I am compelled to keep gathering stories, sharing experiences and continuing to explore… The secret language of clothes!