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By now this photo and story has gone viral via the internet. Self magazine made an incredible fool of itself for a sneaky, spiteful comment about two women running in a marathon, dressed in tutus and superhero(ine) t-shirts. The writer asked Monika Allen, one of the runners, permission to use the photo. What the writer did not tell Monika, however, was that the photo was to used in a snide press piece, making fun of women running in “lame” tutus. Had she known about the intent, Monika says, she would not have given consent for the use of her photo.

 Monika and her friend, Tara, make and sell the tutus to raise money for Girls on the Run of San Diego, a program for girls 8-13 years old that encourages positive lifestyle while training the girls for a 5K race. Monika and Tara have served as coaches for the girls. In addition, Monika is a cancer survivor and at the time of the race was midway through chemotherapy treatment for a brain tumor. It was her first race since being diagnosed with cancer and says she wore her Wonder Woman outfit to  motivate herself for the race.

 Needless to say, the editor of Self is falling all over herself apologizing. She is “mortified” she says; she had no idea that the woman was a cancer survivor.

 But hold on here: even if Moniker were NOT a cancer survivor but simply a woman running a marathon dressed in a tutu – that would STILL be a MAJOR FAIL for the women’s magazine. Because who are you, Self Magazine, to ridicule a woman who is doing a fabulous thing – running a marathon – and wearing her GLAD RAGS as a badge of courage?

As you will read in my book, there are many amazing, fabulous, strong women who wear sparkly tiaras to their mammogram appointments and beautiful, custom made hospital gowns for their radiation therapy sessions. I make the point repeatedly in Glad Rags: Red Panties, Cowgirl Boots and a Sweet Dress to Die For that standing up and being yourself in the face of overwhelming challenges takes courage. Monika is a prime example. Once you do it, however, once you step up, your action gives courage to others as well; it is infectious. In this case it has provoked a full blown epidemic.

 This mean-spirited, cheap shot has triggered a tremendous outpouring of support for Monika and her business, Glam Runners. I think we can expect to see an explosion of tutu clad runners in the near future. The editor of Self has even pledged to make a personal contribution to the effort. 

 Check out their Glam Runner facebook page and get yourself a tutu. You can be fit and fabulous too – even if you never run a marathon! 



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