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The door to freedom is always standing open even we we don't see it.


~Speaking topic~

Glad Rags Project:

Exploring the secret language of clothes

(Reconnect to powers you forgot you had!)


What you will take away from the presentation:

  • Learn how to tap into the wisdom of your body and rekindle your inner spark!

  • Activate comfort, courage, and confidence through what you wear.

  • Be inspired by stories of real women who were transformed from victim to victor; from passive observer to dynamic actor…when they found the clothes that spoke to them directly and changed their lives for the better.


Who am I and what do I do:

I am Pam Spence,  author, public speaker and workshop leader, who collects stories from women whose lives have been impacted by an encounter with a special garment that became their “game-changer.” I published a Kickstarter – funded book of the first round of interviews and commentary:

Glad Rags: Red Panties, Cowgirl Boots and a Sweet Dress to Die For

– inspiring clothes and the women who wear them


Join me for an interactive, fun and dynamic presentation or workshop guaranteed to inform and delight you as well as change your life for the better.

Remember: Dorothy had the power all along

…but it took slipping into a pair of ruby slippers for her to realize it!