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Why is my forthcoming book, Glad Rags: Inspiring Clothes and the Women Who Wear Them, not simply a book about fashion? Because what happens when you put on clothing is sometimes not just about how you appear on the outside; it is about what happens to you on the inside as a result. Glad Rags and the stories in my book are about a piece of clothing that becomes the “game-changer” for someone, that unequivocally expresses the way she feels on the inside, even when she may not be able to put it into words.

 A good example came to my attention recently, through the actions of a young niece as shared by her (rightly) proud mom:



“My twenty-something daughter, Tess, works at Target. The other day she was walking the store when a 40-ish woman approached her for help. Tess noticed right away that the woman seemed anxious; wouldn’t look her in the eye, very subdued. The woman wanted help picking a dress and sweater; then some foundation garments to smooth her appearance.


As Tess helped her pick out some things, the woman confided that she needed the dress for a court date. She was going to testify against someone who had abused her. My daughter spent the better part of an hour helping the woman put together an outfit that would bolster her confidence in court. By the end of their encounter, the woman was meeting her eye and gave her a smile. That’s the way to be a human being…”

 A simple thing: being present to someone’s story and helping them find something – an icon – a pair of traveling shoes, a magic cape, a sweet dress to stand up in. 

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