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Glad Rags - Inspiring Clothes And The Women Who Wear Them by Pam Spence

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About the book…

“Glad Rags? Must be about fashion,” you are probably saying.

Not exactly. It is about women who found clothing that became their personal icon, their “game changer.” It is a book about finding comfort, confidence and courage when you step into or pull on your Glad Rags.

This collection of interviews and anecdotes explores  the secret language of clothes – also known as embodied cognition

The book introduces you to real women, from all walks of life, often in challenging circumstances. You’ll find some quirky notes on history and  culture, spiced up with some awesome poetry, cool photos and a whole lot of fun!

  Previous Publishing

A glass of mead is fine indeed!


In my time of bees… I discovered how to make an amazing and delightful beverage – mead! Published in 1997, the book is currently out of print. But…the 2nd edition is in the works!

The book, published by Llewellyn Worldwide Press,  was a logical outgrowth of my time as founding director of the American Mead Association and publisher of the American Meadmakers’ Journal.